Technology and business services for the modern dental practice

Improve profitability and reduce stress with time-saving software, technology and on-site support. Improve profitability and reduce stress with time-saving software, technology and on-site support.

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Providing technology and business services to dental practices since 1982

Dentists Management Corporation specializes in digital diagnostic equipment, customized networking solutions, practice management software, and integrated business and HR services.

Hardware Sales and Services

Our experts help you select the right chair-side workstations, front desk computers, monitors, keyboards, servers, mounts, accessories and digital radiography equipment for your dental practice. And, we will install your equipment, train your staff, and integrate new hardware and software with existing equipment, so that you can get back to work as quickly as possible.

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Dental Software and Services

Our full-featured dental practice management software, DAISY gives your practice the power to enhance cash flow, streamline productivity, and reduce overhead costs. DAISY also delivers advanced features for clinical charting, treatment planning and more — all in one powerful program that’s cost-effective and extremely easy to use. Discover what DAISY can do for you.
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Employee and Payroll Services

As your strategic partner in employment-related functions and responsibilities, DMC HR Management Services helps you reduce the time you spend running the business side of your practice so you can get back to the revenue-generating side of your operations. Discover the many ways we can help you can spend more time with patients, or play more golf!
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Every day, hackers release thousands of viruses and other malware. DMC's hardware and software support plans give you peace of mind and access to some of the best technical support representatives in dentistry. 

However, you don't need the best support reps to prevent your practice from falling victim to viruses, malware, ransomware, and spyware. And, even the best anti-virus software can't protect you if you don't follow the simple guidelines outlined in this free ebook.

Download this ebook and discover the many free and low-cost ways to protect your biggest investment.



How much would your practice benefit if you could focus solely on providing patient care? Identify how much time and money you lose to the non-revenue-generating side of your practice

In this free Employee Management Needs Assessment, you will discover if your practice could be running smoother with the potential to produce more revenue in less time.

If you want to focus on dentistry ahead of practice management, this assessment is for you.



In this free dental fraud ebook, you will discover the ten most common dental scams and how to avoid them. Told through 12 real stories about dental practices that have been scammed, defrauded and taken for a ride. All were inside jobs. And it’s not always who you think.

Did you know... 1 in 4 dentists will be embezzled at some point during his or her career?

The 2010 Marquet Report on Embezzlement stated that embezzlement is a $400 billion per year problem, and the healthcare industry is one of the top six industries affected.



5-day email course shows you how to avoid the most common pitfalls of a digital radiography upgrade.

Find out how to prevent overpaying, get everything completely installed and tested, as well as ensuring that you and your staff are fully trained and supported from day one.

To find out how you can to ensure a smooth digital transition.




Experts in dental technology

We understand the modern practice

For 32 years, we've helped dental practices find the right computer and X-ray equipment with expert guidance and ongoing support.

More than the lowest price on computers and X-ray systems...

You get one point of contact, personalized configuration, comprehensive training, and minimal downtime. Plus, our prices on digital equipment are so low, we literally can't advertise them.

Resolve technology issues with one call

With equipment support from DMC, you get dental technology experts who understand all areas of your
practice; from equipment and software, to network support and more.

More time for your patients

State-of-the-art dental practice management software

DAISY dental practice managment software can help you keep cash flowing, maintain impeccable patient records and free up valuable staff time.

Experienced support specialists who understand your practice

In addition to addressing your issue in an average of 60 seconds or less, DAISY's support services are known for keeping staff happy while minimizing downtime.

The power to become completely paperless

Improve the communications process and reduce the time it takes to complete tasks with DAISY Practice Management software.

Easy employee management

Stop hassling with complex employee-related matters

In addition to professional guidance in HR management, we keep your entire practice up-to-date, regardless of changing federal and state regulations.

Free yourself from employer responsibilities and risk

DMC will manage conflict; hiring, training and termination; and ensure employee handbooks and files are in compliance with current labor laws.

A full suite of HR services at your disposal

Payroll and payroll tax compliance, Health benefits, Workers’ compensation claims, Unemployment insurance claims, Retirement plans, Recruitment, hiring, and HIPAA/OSHA training.
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